EcoLux e3

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Achieving the balance between commercial pressures and the needs of our planetary environment is what drives our design philosophy at Luxacril Led. With strong roots in the aerospace industry our engineering team has leveraged advanced materials and design techniques to craft a product that delivers maximum performance with minimal environmental impact. Using aircraft inspired built up composite techniques in lieu of processes with higher carbon penalties we have delivered a cost effective, reliable product with the lowest environmental impact in its class as well as ensuring future proofing with features that will deliver continued service decade after decade.’

Características y beneficios

  • Power input range from 40 to 240 watts Light output range from 10,000 to 58,000 Lumens Thermally managed and segregated LED and Driver heat sources guarantee long life Precision ‘Ledil’ optics eliminating wasteful and polluting stray light Built-In 10 Kv/Ka Surge protection Plug and Play Installation with Voltage Input Range 90 - 305VAC Built-in driver with 10% to 100% Programmable dimming with options for DALI and centralised IOT control Suitable for standard grid, wind and solar power sources Robust, lightweight, vibration resistant Composite construction significantly reducing Luminaire Aluminium Content All models feature “On Pole” beam angle adjustment from +20 to -20 with final setting lock Double redundant, multiple size, spigot mounting clamps accommodate 33 to 63 mm spigots Designed for use in all wind areas including Cat. D Cyclone CE, TM21 and LM79 Certification Standard 5 year warranty


  • Motorway/Freeway Major Interchange Standard City and Urban Roadways Pathway and cycleway Parks and open Areas Zero Cut-Off Wide Area Floodlighting


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